Introducing diseases

Published by Vidde at 2015-09-10 19:13

Good news, everyone! Horses can now get sick with various diseases.

What is going to happen?

Diseases will be generated automatically and excaped horses will contract these diseases. They will then infect other horses nearby. Horses on same farm will be infected by air born diseases while horses need to be in same stable to be infected by others.

If horse is not in a stable (the ones needing a box in your farm page) will be transmitting diseases to all of your horses, so put them inside.

What should I do?

You will notice a green button when having clicked a horse. Clicking that button will show you available vaccines as research gets done on them. You should give all your horses vaccines for all diseases where vaccines are available.

You will be able to monitor vaccination status for your horses through your office.

My horse got sick! What should I do now?

Seing a red plus on your horse in farm, "My things"->"Horses" or in office will alert you your horse is showing symptoms of a disease.

Click the horse and follow the link to see a vet!

Veterinarians are generated to help you diagnose your horse and pick out the most cost effective medicine. They will not be right every time, so there might be a point in getting second opinions if you feel the diagnosis does not make sense.

Now, keep safe! ;)

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