Triple Champion

Color: Brown with Blue mane and tail
Father: o_114H (Red dun)
Mother: ing_87H (Brown with Blue mane and tail)
Birth:2023-07-13 11:00:49
Death: 2023-09-19 21:37:08 (old)
from old age


Vaccine Protects from Until
Zydryl Lundstål's fever 2023-09-24
Vaeine Lundstål's disease 2023-10-10
Xypren Lundstål's runny nose 2023-11-10
Abavir Vikgren's disease 2023-11-10
Acerex Lundstål's elevated heart rate 2023-11-10
Soteta Lundstål's coughing 2023-11-10
Owner's notes

2023-07-27: _87o was bred with rse_18ssors_21
2023-07-27: _87o was bred with rs_60
2023-08-17: _87o was bred with o_36rro_36rriå
2023-08-17: _87o was bred with o_36rro_36rriå