Welcome to DreamHorse!

This is the game where you can breed horses and compete with them in various forms of competitions. What kind of horses will you breed?

Please leave your remarks and wishes for further development on the feedback page!

The game is and will allways be free to play. No fees. We are planning to implement ways for you to supporting the game, and for that you will get some extra features. Our aim is to never let these features affect your chances in the game.

Recent events

16:10Auction finished[bot]DelaUt bought Pomperipossa for 2374 dhp
16:10Auction finished[bot]DelaUt bought )Marm for 2456 dhp
16:10Auction finished[bot]DelaUt bought Woom for 3134 dhp
16:10Auction finished[bot]DelaUt bought aKooKarm for 2612 dhp
16:10Auction finished[bot]DelaUt bought _3Ermurar for 3910 dhp
16:10Auction finished[bot]DelaUt bought nooKoomseWe for 2374 dhp
15:50Auction finished[bot]DelaUt bought oom)M)M)M for 2967 dhp
15:50Auction finished[bot]DelaUt bought Ku for 3910 dhp
14:20Auction startedHorse: oMoMo Deadline: 2015-06-06 14:20
13:50Auction finished[bot]Lwani bought bär)o for 2612 dhp
13:10Auction startedHorse: irarma Deadline: 2015-06-06 13:10
13:10Auction startedHorse: Wish Deadline: 2015-06-06 13:10
13:10Auction startedHorse: uKw Deadline: 2015-06-06 13:10
13:10Auction startedHorse: Blue Growth Deadline: 2015-06-06 13:10
13:10Auction startedHorse: r_3 Deadline: 2015-06-06 13:10
13:00Bid[bot]two bid 1642 on Rob
13:00Bid[bot]two bid 1640 on Rob
13:00Bid[bot]anna bid 1641 on Rob
13:00Bid[bot]anna bid 1639 on Rob
12:35Auction finished[bot]Lwani bought Blue Growth for 3560 dhp
12:35Auction finished[bot]Lwani bought r_3 for 4425 dhp
12:35Auction finished[bot]Lwani bought alvar(r_3u for 3319 dhp
12:35Auction finishedMagicVidde bought Edelweiss for 2213 dhp
10:45Bid[bot]two bid 1638 on Rob
10:45Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6319 on Monica
10:45Bid[bot]two bid 6318 on Monica
10:45Bid[bot]two bid 1188 on Monica
10:45Bid[bot]lurifax bid 1189 on Monica
10:45Auction finished[bot]Lwani bought uKw for 3134 dhp
10:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 1779 on M)r)ME
10:25Bid[bot]entill bid 3 on M)r)ME
10:25Bid[bot]entill bid 1781 on M)r)ME
10:25Bid[bot]entill bid 1780 on M)r)ME
10:00Bid[bot]Oserios bid 2669 on uckuL
10:00Bid[bot]lurifax bid 3 on uckuL
10:00Bid[bot]lurifax bid 2670 on uckuL
10:00Bid[bot]lurifax bid 3 on ori
10:00Bid[bot]lurifax bid 2455 on ori
10:00Bid[bot]anna bid 2454 on ori
09:45Auction finished[bot]DelaUt bought oMoMo for 2656 dhp
09:20Bid[bot]Oserios bid 3558 on
09:20Bid[bot]Oserios bid 2373 on ckick
09:20Bid[bot]Oserios bid 2 on Monica
09:20Bid[bot]Oserios bid 2 on
09:20Bid[bot]Oserios bid 2 on uckuL
09:20Bid[bot]Oserios bid 2 on M)r)ME
09:20Bid[bot]Oserios bid 2 on uBr_3EBr
09:20Bid[bot]Oserios bid 1780 on uBr_3EBr
09:20Bid[bot]Oserios bid 1186 on Monica
09:20Bid[bot]two bid 3 on uBr_3EBr

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