Welcome to DreamHorse!

This is the game where you can breed horses and compete with them in various forms of competitions. What kind of horses will you breed?

Please leave your remarks and wishes for further development on the feedback page!

The game is and will allways be free to play. No fees. We are planning to implement ways for you to supporting the game, and for that you will get some extra features. Our aim is to never let these features affect your chances in the game.

Recent events

03:35BirthHorse_2 was born. Owner: [bot]lurifax
00:25Auction finished[bot]two bought WrW for 9111 dhp
23:20Bid[bot]entill bid 1 on EMesa
23:20Bid[bot]entill bid 1 on Rob
23:10Auction finished[bot]two bought ueProonc for 10933 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]two bought HyrW for 5467 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]two bought vaN for 4449 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]two bought EEn for 4301 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]two bought _3Ermurar for 7289 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]two bought for 7289 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]two bought warmwa for 4335 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]anna bought ememoo for 9975 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]anna bought nooKoomseWe for 12324 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]anna bought r_3rm for 13299 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]anna bought bär)o for 6650 dhp
23:10Auction finished[bot]anna bought ur for 13693 dhp
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2916 on s)lvE blue E)Pri
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2763 on rmEE_3E
18:45Bid[bot]two bid 4449 on vaN
18:45Bid[bot]two bid 4335 on warmwa
18:45Bid[bot]two bid 4301 on EEn
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 4448 on vaN
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 4334 on warmwa
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 4300 on EEn
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 2915 on s)lvE blue E)Pri
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 2762 on rmEE_3E
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2882 on )ob
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2712 on rWarm
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2610 on Sol
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2456 on rWarm
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2303 on )ob
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 2881 on )ob
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 2711 on rWarm
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 2609 on Sol
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 2455 on rWarm
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 2302 on )ob
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 2 on ywnyrm
18:45Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 2 on uMu
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 3 on Sol
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 3 on )ob
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 3 on s)lvE blue E)Pri
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 3 on rmEE_3E
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 3 on rWarm
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2914 on s)lvE blue E)Pri
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2761 on rmEE_3E
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2608 on Sol
18:45Bid[bot]Lwani bid 2301 on )ob
18:45Bid[bot]two bid 4447 on vaN
18:45Bid[bot]two bid 4333 on warmwa
18:45Bid[bot]two bid 4299 on EEn

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