Welcome to DreamHorse!

This is the game where you can breed horses and compete with them in various forms of competitions. What kind of horses will you breed?

Please leave your remarks and wishes for further development on the feedback page!

The game is and will allways be free to play. No fees. We are planning to implement ways for you to supporting the game, and for that you will get some extra features. Our aim is to never let these features affect your chances in the game.

Recent events

05:55Bid[bot]Dream bid 30192 on eMuMe
05:55Bid[bot]Dream bid 30192 on Xided
05:55Bid[bot]Dream bid 28429 on Sonja
05:55Bid[bot]Dream bid 27125 on cocira
05:55Bid[bot]Oserios bid 30193 on eMuMe
05:55Bid[bot]Oserios bid 30193 on Xided
05:55Bid[bot]Oserios bid 28430 on Sonja
05:55Bid[bot]Oserios bid 27126 on cocira
05:55Bid[bot]Dream bid 30190 on eMuMe
05:55Bid[bot]Dream bid 30190 on Xided
05:55Bid[bot]Dream bid 28427 on Sonja
05:55Bid[bot]Dream bid 27123 on cocira
05:55Bid[bot]Oserios bid 30191 on eMuMe
05:55Bid[bot]Oserios bid 30191 on Xided
05:55Bid[bot]Oserios bid 28428 on Sonja
05:55Bid[bot]Oserios bid 27124 on cocira
03:55Auction startedHorse: nalgr Deadline: 2015-07-15 03:55
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 34795 on eye eye
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 32302 on rmerooroo
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 31978 on yro
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 34794 on eye eye
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 32301 on rmerooroo
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 31977 on yro
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 34794 on Cercei
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 32300 on rmerooroo
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 30189 on eMuMe
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 30189 on Xided
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 28426 on Sonja
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 27122 on cocira
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 34793 on Cercei
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 32299 on rmerooroo
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 30188 on eMuMe
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 30188 on Xided
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 28425 on Sonja
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 27121 on cocira
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 31976 on yro
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 30187 on eMuMe
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 30187 on Xided
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 28424 on Sonja
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 27120 on cocira
03:25Bid[bot]Oserios bid 24876 on cocira
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 31975 on yro
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 30186 on eMuMe
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 30186 on Xided
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 28423 on Sonja
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 27119 on cocira
03:25Bid[bot]entill bid 24875 on cocira
02:40Bid[bot]Oserios bid 32298 on rmerooroo
02:40Bid[bot]Oserios bid 31974 on yro
02:40Bid[bot]Oserios bid 30185 on eMuMe

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