Welcome to DreamHorse!

This is the game where you can breed horses and compete with them in various forms of competitions. What kind of horses will you breed?

Please leave your remarks and wishes for further development on the feedback page!

The game is and will allways be free to play. No fees. We are planning to implement ways for you to supporting the game, and for that you will get some extra features. Our aim is to never let these features affect your chances in the game.

Recent events

12:57BidVidde bid 1 on ni i
12:56Auction finished[bot]Viddeliten bought Pongo for 11021 dhp
12:16Auction finished[bot]lurifax bought Prince blue eyes for 18119 dhp
09:17Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6691 on Chro)oChr
09:17Bid[bot]entill bid 6690 on Chro)oChr
09:17Bid[bot]entill bid 6688 on Chro)oChr
09:17Bid[bot]entill bid 6021 on warmwa
09:17Bid[bot]entill bid 6019 on warmwa
09:17Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6689 on Chro)oChr
09:17Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6022 on warmwa
09:17Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6020 on warmwa
09:17BirthHorse_2 was born. Owner: [bot]DelaUt
09:02BidMagicVidde bid 10000 on Momo
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 8851 on CreCre
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 8485 on Momo
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 10001 on Momo
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 8850 on CreCre
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 7637 on CreCre
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 7376 on d)a
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 7375 on d)a
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6792 on d)a
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6687 on Chro)oChr
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6686 on Chro)oChr
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6018 on warmwa
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 6017 on warmwa
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 5905 on warmwa
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 4442 on Chro)oChr
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 4431 on Prince blue eyes
09:02Bid[bot]lurifax bid 18119 on Prince blue eyes
09:02Bid[bot]Viddeliten bid 8849 on CreCre
09:02Bid[bot]Viddeliten bid 7374 on d)a
09:02Bid[bot]Viddeliten bid 18118 on Prince blue eyes
09:02Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 6685 on Chro)oChr
09:02Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 6016 on warmwa
06:38Bid[bot]Oserios bid 4440 on Chro)oChr
06:38Bid[bot]Oserios bid 4438 on Chro)oChr
06:38Bid[bot]Oserios bid 4429 on Prince blue eyes
06:38Bid[bot]Oserios bid 4427 on Prince blue eyes
06:38Bid[bot]Viddeliten bid 4430 on Prince blue eyes
06:38Bid[bot]Viddeliten bid 4428 on Prince blue eyes
06:38Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 4441 on Chro)oChr
06:38Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 4439 on Chro)oChr
06:38BidMagicVidde bid 8482 on Momo
06:38Bid[bot]Viddeliten bid 8482 on yM
06:38Bid[bot]Viddeliten bid 7636 on CreCre
06:38Bid[bot]Viddeliten bid 7634 on CreCre
06:38Bid[bot]Viddeliten bid 6791 on d)a
06:38Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 8481 on Momo
06:38Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 8481 on yM
06:38Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 7635 on CreCre

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