Welcome to DreamHorse!

This is the game where you can breed horses and compete with them in various forms of competitions. What kind of horses will you breed?

Please leave your remarks and wishes for further development on the feedback page!

The game is and will allways be free to play. No fees. We are planning to implement ways for you to supporting the game, and for that you will get some extra features. Our aim is to never let these features affect your chances in the game.

Recent events

08:34BirthHorse_4 was born. Owner: [bot]DelaUt
07:19Auction startedHorse: Rob Deadline: 2015-05-31 07:19
07:19Auction startedHorse: ori Deadline: 2015-05-31 07:19
07:19Auction startedHorse: Monica Deadline: 2015-05-31 07:19
07:19Auction startedHorse: Deadline: 2015-05-31 07:19
07:19Auction startedHorse: ckick Deadline: 2015-05-31 07:19
07:19Auction startedHorse: uBr_3EBr Deadline: 2015-05-31 07:19
05:50Auction finished[bot]entill bought uBr_3EBr for 7091 dhp
03:50Bid[bot]Lwani bid 4081 on ooBr
03:50Bid[bot]Lwani bid 4079 on ooBr
03:50Bid[bot]Lwani bid 3942 on Nova
03:50Bid[bot]Lwani bid 3940 on Nova
03:50Bid[bot]Oserios bid 4080 on ooBr
03:50Bid[bot]Oserios bid 4078 on ooBr
03:50Bid[bot]Oserios bid 3941 on Nova
03:50Bid[bot]Oserios bid 3939 on Nova
03:50Bid[bot]Oserios bid 3 on m)MEsso
03:50Bid[bot]Oserios bid 2363 on m)MEsso
03:50Bid[bot]Oserios bid 2362 on m)MEsso
03:50Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 2361 on m)MEsso
02:21BirthHorse_3 was born. Owner: [bot]anna
02:06Bid[bot]Lwani bid 4394 on 8rm
02:06Bid[bot]Lwani bid 4077 on ooBr
02:06Bid[bot]Lwani bid 3938 on Nova
02:06Bid[bot]Dream bid 4732 on urmw
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4731 on urmw
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4722 on aM
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4708 on ynoo
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4657 on Br_3EBrir
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4393 on 8rm
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4329 on uXuXuX
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4198 on _3ruBr
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4076 on ooBr
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 3937 on Nova
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 2 on m)MEsso
02:06Bid[bot]two bid 4709 on ynoo
02:06Bid[bot]two bid 4658 on Br_3EBrir
02:06Bid[bot]two bid 4330 on uXuXuX
02:06Bid[bot]SuperVidde bid 4723 on aM
02:06Auction startedHorse: OlvOlvOlv Deadline: 2015-05-31 02:06
02:06Bid[bot]Lwani bid 4392 on 8rm
02:06Bid[bot]Lwani bid 4075 on ooBr
02:06Bid[bot]Lwani bid 3936 on Nova
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4731 on BrEX
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4720 on aM
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4706 on ynoo
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4655 on Br_3EBrir
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4391 on 8rm
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4327 on uXuXuX
02:06Bid[bot]DelaUt bid 4197 on _3ruBr

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